Sofie Bates


- science storyteller -



Sofie Bates is a science journalist, photographer and videographer who is fascinated by Earth's critters, robots, other worlds, and how humans work.


She graduated from the Science Communication master's program at UCSC in 2019 and is now interning at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Sofie is based in Washington, DC.

  sofiebates [at] gmail [dot] com 

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When I was eleven, I convinced my classmates that dragons were real. I’d watched a film about dragons—complete with dissection of a computer-generated “dragon”—and felt compelled to share such groundbreaking science with my classmates. As I presented my findings to my classmates, they bounced in their plastic chairs, hands raised high with questions. My teacher intervened, explaining that dragons didn’t exist—but “mockumentaries” did.

My passion for communicating science resurfaced during a college research conference. As I explained my genetics experiments, I realized I was more excited to talk about the science than I was to do more benchwork. Now, I hope to instill the same sense of wonder in grown-ups as I did in my sixth-grade classmates. But I’ve learned my lesson: fact-check first.